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Space Babe 113 is a somewhat abstract and naughty SF comedy comic, with the emphasis on fun. This comic is also occasionally satirical, often surreal and features lashings of abstract cartoony nudity.

Please note that even though it's a comic, Space Babe 113 is for mature readers only.
So if you don't like such things or are not old enough for such material, please use your browsers back button or select another site.

Also if you are looking for photographs of people "doing things", I'm afraid this isn't the site you need.

An image of Space Babe 113 An image of Space Babe 113 An image of Space Babe 113 An image of Space Babe 113
Space Babe 113 wanted to be a fashion designer but the careers 'bot made her become an astronaut.
Armed with little more (and often even less) than her artificially intelligent talking knickers, she faces the unknown.

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John Maybury

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