The Erotic News of SPACE BABE 113

An image of Space Babe 113 and Dr. Stones
Space Babe's Convention Appearances and Other News Stuff - up to 2009
  • The Thought Bubble Convention - 21st November 2009 was a fun day.
    As with the Comica event, it was larger than last year with more exhibitors and a lot more people attending (or so it seemed to me) - it was very crowded. As is usual at such events, there were quite a few people in costumes - the Penguin, Riddler and Iron Man being particularly impressive.

    Here a some pictures Siobhan took. There's a report of the convention on Down The Tubes with photos (and a link to loads more photo's!).

    JM at the Space Babe 113 table at Thought Bubble, 2009. Tony mans the Accent UK table. The Rainbow Orchid table was just accross the aisle from Space Babe's table.

    I was quite pleased to find that a number of people had checked this website before the event and actually remembered it!
    We didn't quite get lost this time (see BICS 2009 below), however we got the bus going the wrong way and so saw rather more of Leeds than expected... Nice architecture!

  • The Comiket at Comica (8th November 2009), went well. The event was held in a larger room this year, which was just as well as it was very crowded.
    Each exhibitor was invited to contribute a panel to a comunal comic strip - the captions/speech balloons were supplied and we had to provide a suitable drawing. An interesting idea - the results were quite varied, some of which were posted on Facebook.

  • I had a great time at BICS 2009, even if I did get lost getting from the hotel to the venue (my partner was not amused, though). Luckily we got there in time...

  • As expected, Caption was a fun and informative event. A piece of my artwork even raised money in the charity auction!

  • The London Undergtround Comics' event at the 176 art gallery in Chalk Farm on the 27th June (2009) was fun, despite the heavy rain!

  • I attended the London 'Zine Symposium and The Bristol Small Press Expo (on the same day as the main Bristol convention. Gio Spinella launched his horror/gross-out comic (called Atrox) at the Bristol convention. It features four stories, each with a different artist, of which I'm one.

  • Had a great time at The Thing. I appeared on a panel discussing traditional vs digital artwork. Unfortunately the microphones didn't work too well, so I'm not sure if the audience got much out of it.

  • Erotic Comics: A Graphic History Volumne 2 is out!
    It has naughty bits to suit every taste (well probably almost every legal taste...) and also Space Babe 113.

  • Orbital Comics and Collectables has moved
    Their new shop is great - much bigger than their previous one.

  • Space Babe 113 joined the Comics Creators Guild table at Jimi Gherkin's small-press and zine event on 1st Feb which was a great day, Thanks Jimi.

  • The Comics Creators Guild Annual, 2008 - is now out!
    The CCG's 2008 annual is now out, available from the CCG website. As with the previous annuals, this one is well endowed with goodies, including advice for artists on getting their portfolios ready for reviews at convemtions. The article is by Win, who has considerable expertise in this area.
    Of course, the book is mostly comic strips and very good they are too, if you ask me. Amongst the contents are a couple of Korean comics, translated to English by Dr. Kim (who I met at the Birmingham International Comics Show) and yes, there is a page of Space Babe 113 in it. Well I edited it and I guess I really do have no shame...

    The first two annuals are available on, by the way.

  • Space Babe 113 exhibited her wares at the Comiket event at the ICA in November.
    On the following day, I attended Tim Pilcher's panel on Erotic Comics, which proved to be very interesting. Tim gave me my contributor copy of his Erotic Comics: A Graphic History Volume 2, which includes Space Babe 113. The book looks very interesting - it is out in the UK on January 9th 2009 and later in March in the US.

    Sadly, at the Comiket, I heard that London Underground Comics have closed their Saturday comic stall at Camden Lock Market. This was not because it wasn't paying its way - it was - but because LUC want to move on to new things. They haven't revealed these new things yet, but they'll surely have something innovative in mind!

  • The Leeds Thought Bubble convention was a great day - I chatted to a number of people and generally enjoyed myself. My favourite bit was when a woman looked though issue 1 of Space Babe 113 (having read the free sample hand-out comic) and told me that the bit where Space Babe says "Star, help - I can't get my knickers off" and Star replies "Huh, call that a chat-up line?" was very funny and she proceeded to buy the comic.

  • A Space Babe story was runner up in the ROK Comics ROK and a Hard Place competition!

  • I attended the Birmingham International Comics Show with Soaring Penguin and the CCG. I met fellow CCG member, Dr Kim who showed me some Korean comics, which had a surprisingly European look (although the characters were clearly Korean).
    Gio enjoys the ambience at the CCG table, BICS 2008.

  • ROK Comics have made some changes to their sites.
    The strips are now free to view on (so you can see the whole Space Babe 113 saga as it unfolds in colour...).
    They've also revamped the WAP site, which is now better looking and subscription based. See or for details on how to get a free trial subscription on your mobile.

  • Fingers crossed, Space Babe 113 may be getting US distribution! More info soon, I hope.

  • On the 30th of August, I was at London Underground Comics' Low Energy Day in Camden Lock Market. Looking forward to their next one...

  • I'm very pleased to have had a (non-Space Babe) comic accepted for Cliodhna's charity GOAL Anthology comic! The title of the anthology is "Sorry I Can't Take Your Call Right Now But I'm Off Saving The World" - the message on her late father's answer phone.

  • I attended Caption 2008 on 9-10th August.It was a fun convention, with interesting panels. Space Babe 113 episode 5 launched at the convention and seemed to meet with approval.

  • Space Babe 113 appeared at Pens, Pencils and Photocopiers

    A small press event on 19th July at The Plough (next to the Cartoon Art Museum). It was a very fun day and I hope that all the visitors enjoyed it as much as I did. I picked up some other small-press titles, including the amazingly good "Drug Coversations" by Jenny Linn-Cole. It is an autobiographical mini-comic about her conversations with her son about drug taking.

  • I've submitted a Space Babe 113 page for the Caption convention book.

    Not long to go to the convention now...

  • Space Babe 113 now has her own dedicated page on ROK comics

    ROK Comics have created a very nice-looking page dedicated to Space Babe 113 - you can access/download the Space Babe 113 strips there. You will need to turn off their "Safe Content" filter (I'm assuming you are old-enough, but you shouldn't be reading this anyway if you aren't :) ). The control to do that is at the top-right of the page.

  • Space Babe 113 in South Africa

    ROK Comics subscribers in South Africa can now follow Space Babe's adventures on their mobiles. So "hi there" to her new fans and I hope you continue to enjoy the series.

  • Festival Eye

    The latest issue of Festival Eye magazine (out now) has a review of Space Babe 113 Episode 4 and there will be a Space Babe 113 strip in the next issue. Thanks a lot guys!
    Festival Eye is a magazine deveoted to music festivals - of which there are loads - Glastonbury is just the tip of the iceberg.

  • Pens, Pencils and Photocopiers

    Not just equipment useful for comic construction, but also the name of a small press event in a pub that I hope to attend. It is on 19th July at The Plough, 27 Museum Street, London WC1A 1LH (next to the Cartoon Art Museum) - details here
    I was at a similar event at The Gladstone in Brighton shortly after the Thing, that was fun and hopefully this one will be too!

  • London Underground Comics

    On 31st May 2008, London Underground Comics held "No Bar Codes" - a small-press comic event in the midst of Camden Lock Market. Quite a few people from the Bristol Expo were there along with a number of people who weren't. I went along as a punter and came away with a number of interesting comics!
    London Underground Comics are doing a great job making small-press comics available to the wider public and Camden Lock Market is an interesting mix of retailers - worth a visit!
    Space Babe 113 will now be available at their regular Saturday stall.

  • Bristol 2008

    Made it to Bristol - thanks to John Anderson for having Space Babe at the Soaring Penguin table. I was a fun weekend - hope you enjoyed it if you went. I met Tim Pilcher who is working on a 2 volume set of books about the history of erotic comics. Volume 1 is out now, volume 2 is expected to be out Spring 2009 and will be mentioning Space Babe 113! I'm hugely excited. More about Tim and Gene Kannenberg's book here.

  • Gladstone Mini Con

    Had a fun time at the Gladstone Pub's mini-comic con. The staff were nice and friendly and so were the natives!

  • Issue 4

    Unfortunately issue 4 of Space Babe 113 was delayed and didn't make it to The Thing, but it is out now and in some shops!
    I'm sorry if you were disappointed by issue 4 being late (especially Space Babe's biggest Spanish fan, though I don't think you flew to the UK purely to get issue 4, at least I hope not!) but it was beyond the control of Soaring Penguin and I.

  • The Thing 2008

    I was at the UK Web & Mini Comix Thing 2008
    As with previous years, The Thing was a fun day and I met a number of interesting people and picked up some good comics. Thanks to everyone who dropped by the Space Babe table (opposite Dr. McNinja whose sales were definitely "healthy" which is only fitting a medical man...)
    I showed my trusty iPAQ to one person who for some reason, didn't believe the Space Babe artwork started out on it. It really does, I wasn't making that up!

    The convention anthology was particularly good this year and also contained a Space Babe 113 story with Space Babe and Dr. Stones doing a bit of archaeology...

  • The Comics Creators Guild Annual, 2007

    The cover of the 2007 CCG annual Despite having seen the 2006 CCG annual, the CCG bravely asked me to edit another one.
    So I did. The results are out now: it has a whole lot of great stuff in it, including a three page story where Space Babe 113 and Mrrf M'N'Cha go shopping. Did I exceed my authority putting that in? Surely not...
    Check the CCG site for more information.

    The CCG annual for 2007 cover is (c) Matt Brooker.

  • After Birmingham 2007....

    Paul Rainey (of "There's No Time Like The Present" fame) made some nice comments about Space Babe 113 on his site.

    The Modern Monstrosity guys (producers of the excellent Tales From The Flat) put my drawing of one of their characters on their web-site. Thanks guys!

    And a final piece of blatent promotion (until I get some more praise (if I do), that is): John Freeman at ROK Comics made some nice comments about Space Babe 113. Cheers, John!

  • Birmingham 2007

    Space Babe 113 and other Soaring Penguin publications were on the Soaring Penguin table.

    A Dark Knight entertains at Birmingham
    A picture from Birmingham that has nothing to do with Space Babe 113.

    Rich Johnston made some very flattering comments about Space Babe 113 in his Lying in the Gutters column 126, after seeing it at Birmingham. ( Scroll down to Lying In The Gutters. follow the link and look for the Brum Brum! bit. I'm sure you know the way... after the 22nd of October, you may need to look in his archives. )

    I attended the panel on Comics And Technology, lead by John Freeman. John Freeman is editor at ROK Comics - a site devoted to making comics available on mobile 'phones. A very interesting idea, and worth a look - the potential audience is huge. There are also some Space Babe 113 strips there, for you to download ( some are even free!! ) - tell your friends....

    One thing I've noticed since starting Space Babe 113 is just how easy it is to become shamelessly immersed in blatent commercialism :).

    Richard holding a copy of Space Babe 113

    Fellow CCG member, Richard Hayes ponders whether issue 3 of The Erotic Adventures Of Space Babe 113 is a tale for which the world is ready.

  • Caption 2007
    Had a fun time at Caption. This was the first time I'd been to a Caption convention and I found it very relaxed compared to e.g. Bristol or the Thing. Caught up with a few people I'd met at previous conventions, which was nice.

    I even autographed a couple of copies of Space Babe 113 - note to self - leave more white space on the inside front cover in future.....

    A Space Babe 113 strip appeared in the whizzo Caption convention book. If you haven't got a copy of the book, you can see the strip here.

  • Bristol 2007
    Issue 3 is out and I get to meet lots more people - some of them even remembered issue 1!!

  • Thing 2007

    John Maybury politely ignores Space Babe's blatent flaunting

    Space Babe 113 makes an appearence at the London Comics Thing, blatently flaunting her assets - a lovely pair of naughty SF comedy comics as issue 2 is released.
    A "stand-alone" page of Space Babe issue 2 also appears in the very nice convention book.

  • Birmingham 2006
    Some more lucky people take Space Babe home with them.

  • Lancaster 2006
    Publisher Soaring Penguin and creator John Maybury, with the help of their friends at the CCG, unleash Space Babe 113 on the convention attendees.

More Space Babe 113 news to come....